Brian Rupp - ASIPI Puerto Rico 2017

Brian Rupp

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. - United States

Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Rupp’s intellectual property practice includes evaluating and advising on trademark, right of publicity, and copyright matters.

Prior to joining Warner Bros. last year, Mr. Rupp practiced at The Walt Disney Company for twelve years where he was head of the trademark prosecution group handling thousands of trademark applications and registrations around the globe. In addition, he counseled on trademark, right of publicity, and copyright matters for parks and resorts, video games, television and movie content, and collateral merchandising rights, receiving “Special Thanks” film credits on the movies Up and Toy Story 3.

Prior to Disney, Mr. Rupp was in a private IP practice, and previously served as an Examining Attorney at the United States Patent & Trademark Office where he was named American Intellectual Property Law Association Examining Attorney of the Year in 2002.

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